Analog Frequency Meter Be-96

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Analog Frequency Meter  Be-96

Type: Analog
Model: SF-96
Brand: Risesun
Range: 45-55Hz 45-65hz 55-65hz



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Analog Frequency Meter  Be-96
Model: be-96, be-72, be-80, be-48
Accuracy level: level 1.5
Frequency range: 45-55Hz 45-65hz 55-65hz
Voltage specification: 100V 110V, 220V 380V 415V 440V
Flame retardant: the shell is made of flame retardant plastic material (in accordance with UL-94 V0 standard)
Installation: through the nut installation, safe, fast and firm.
Installation depth: no more than 43mm

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