Bluetooth Din Rail Monitor ( AT4PB-Bluetooth )

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Bluetooth Din Rail Monitor
Model: AT4PB-Bluetooth
Voltage: AC 85-265 (V)

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Model: AT4PB-Blutooth

Voltage:AC 85-265 (V)

Basic current: 100A

Power range:Max 26.5KW

Energy Measurement range:0 ~ 99999kWh Accuracy: +1% Frequency: 50/60 (Hz)

Power factor: 0-1.00PF

Power consuming: <0.3W

Display: Voltage, current,

Real-time power consumption,

Total power Ambient temperature:-20°C ~+60°C

ScreenType: 2.4inchTFT-LCD HD Display Panel Graphic 240´RGB´320


Notes: E-testE-test Support android 5.0 above app and IOS 8.0 above app! Be sure to turn on the phone's Bluetooth mode and GPS positioning

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