Delta PLC ( DVP-24ES )

SKU Code: PH-002

Brand :Delta

Model : DVP-24ES

I/O Ports :  24

Output Type : Relay



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  1. Manufacturer Delta Electric

    Series DVP ES Series

    Model DVP24ES00R2

    Total Number of Input, Output Points 24 points

    Types of Output Relay

    Power Supply Voltage 100 to 240V AC

    Fuse 2A at 250 V AC

    Power Consumption 25 VA

    Supply Current 400 mA

    Program Memory 4K Steps

    Voltage Withstand 1500V AC

    Insulation Resistance Greater than 5 M Ohm at 500V DC

    Noise Immunity 8KV Air Discharge

    Grounding The grounding wire is greater than the wire diameter of terminals L and N.

    Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C

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