HC-SR-04 Ultrasonic Sensor Module

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  1. Ultrasonic Technology: The sensor uses ultrasonic waves to measure distance.
  1. Distance Range: Typically has a range of 2 cm to 400 cm (1 inch to 13 feet).
  1. Accuracy: Generally provides accurate distance measurements.
  1. Operating Voltage: Works with a wide range of operating voltages, commonly 5V DC.
  1. Components: Typically consists of a transceiver module with ultrasonic transmitter and receiver, and a control circuit.
  1. Interface: It usually has four pins - VCC (power), Trig (trigger), Echo (echo), and GND (ground).
  1. Working Principle: The sensor sends out an ultrasonic pulse and measures the time it takes for the pulse to bounce back after hitting an object. The distance is calculated based on the speed of sound



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  1. Distance Measurement: Used for measuring the distance between the sensor and an object.
  2. Obstacle Avoidance: Commonly employed in robotics for obstacle detection and avoidance.
  3. Smart Parking Systems: Used to detect the presence of vehicles in parking spaces.
  4. Security Systems: Integrated into security systems for intrusion detection.
  5. Industrial Automation: Applied in various industrial automation processes for object detection.


  1. Connect the VCC and GND pins to the power supply.
  2. Send a short pulse to the Trig pin to start the measurement.
  3. The module then emits an ultrasonic pulse.
  4. The Echo pin receives the pulse reflected off an object.
  5. Measure the time it takes for the pulse to return to calculate the distance.


  • Avoid exposing the module to direct sunlight or strong wind, as it may affect the accuracy of measurements.
  • Keep in mind the minimum and maximum detection ranges.

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