MICNO VFD KE300A-02 Series

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KE300A-02 Series Fragrance Machine Special Inverter
Based on KE300A, the special inverter of KE300A-02 "fragrance making machine" has been adapted to the application characteristics of fragrance making machine, and add some special functions of fragrance making machine (such as current suppression, voltage suppression, jitter suppression, etc. ). Users do not need to make any complicated settings when using the inverter,  you just need to make simple parameter modification according to the actual use site.



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(1) Easy to install and debug
(2) Robust EMC design
(3) Modular design with very flexible configuration
(4) The main control system uses 32-bit high-speed DSP, integrated PG-free vector control, V / f control, and torque control.
(5) The optimized motor parameter identification model can effectively reduce the sensitivity to motor parameters and make self-learning more accurate. Support static self-learning.
(6) High starting torque: In the vector control mode without PG, at 0.5 Hz, it can provide 150% of the starting torque;
(7) Excellent robust performance can ensure that the load can start and stop quickly;
(8) Fast dynamic response: Under the vector control mode without PG, the dynamic response time is less than 20ms;
(9) Fast current limiting function: it can quickly limit the current within the protection point, reducing the probability of frequent overcurrent alarm failure.
(10) High power factor output, reduced reactive power loss, and no large current impact during soft start.
(11) Built-in PID regulator can easily form a closed-loop control system for process quantities such as temperature, pressure and flow.
(12) It has automatic fault reset and power-off reset functions to ensure continuous production and production efficiency.
(13) Adopting advanced power module driving mode, high power factor, can effectively suppress harmonics, and eliminate interference to peripheral control loops and sensors during inverter operation.
(14) Perfect protection functions: overvoltage / under-voltage protection, inverter overheat protection, ground fault protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, etc.

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