Mitsubishi PLC ( FX0-14MT-D )

SKU Code: PH-004
Brand : Mitsubishi
Model : FX0-14MT-D
I/O Ports :  14
Output Type : Transistor (sink)



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Inputs: Dc 8 point
Outputs: 6 points
Output types: Transistor (sink)
Supply voltage: 24VDCc
Internal relays: 512 (16 stored in EEPROM)
Data register: 32 (2 stored EEPROM)
Timers: 56 States: 64 (10 for initial state)
Counters: 16 ( 2 stored in EEPROM)
High-speed counters: Max. 4 32 bits U/D and A/B counting max frequency 5khz/2khz
Operation processing time: basic instruction:1.6 to 3,6 micro sec
Applied instr:10-100 micro sec
Number of instructions: 20 sequences;35 applied instr. 2 stepladder
Program size: 800 steps (stored in EEPROM)
FX0-14MT-D/E Measures:100*80*47 (fx0-14 vs)

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